The Happiness of Crafting Art

How Did I Get Here

My Fiber Art Journey

Hello and Welcome to Blue Rhubarb Creations! I'm Renae, the owner, creator, designer and heart behind my small handmade business based in my home studio in Calgary, Alberta. One of the reasons Blue Rhubarb was created, is due to a serious love of fiber art projects with an "I can make that!" vision. My goal is share the love of making as it is such a good way for me to manage my stress and anxieties. Being a creator and needing an escape from work, being a mom, and general life stress, I use crafting as a medium for self-care. I learned to latch hook along with needlepoint at a young age from my grandma and great aunt. I called it "picking" and sure have some great memories from those two! This inspires me to make my own patterns and DIY kits for you to enjoy alone or with a loved one.

In early 2019, my husband received the "Cancer" diagnosis, which was a rare and aggressive type of leukemia. This has shaken up our whole world and caused a serious timeout from work/life to face the hard road we have ahead. The challenges and setbacks that we are facing have me learning what is important to me and my business. I am beginning to grow from these challenges and realize where my passions lie. To be able to keep my hands busy and have someone enjoy my creations, fills my cup.

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My Why

You Are Why, I Do What I DO

Blue Rhubarb has a passion not only to help people find the perfect piece of decor for their home, but because making and crafting reduces stress and anxieties. It can be really amazing when people can express themselves with art by showing textures, colors, and styles that make up their personalities. Research shows that crafting, regardless of the medium you use, can bolster mood, improve self-confidence and reduce overall stress. One of the reasons Blue Rhubarb is so passionate about handicrafts is due to the benefits it provides to overall mental well-being.

I wouldn’t be here without the support of so many of you. Because of my customers, I remain inspired to expand my collections. Each woven wall art décor makes an amazing gift that will be treasured for years to come. I am always seeking out ways to learn and grow throughout this weaving process to ensure home decorating needs are met.
It’s all about the joy when finally you have done something beautiful on your own and observe it with quite a great deal of pride & feeling of success. I am truly honoured that when someone gets one of my handmade woven and fiber art wall hangings, they are getting an authentic Blue Rhubarb Creations worthy for any home decorating need.

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We thank you for visiting our page, and hope that you will enjoy experiencing our one of a kind fiber arts products. We are happy to give you a 20% discount on your first order. Just fill in a simple form and code will be emailed to you.